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commissions, adoptables
and trades are currently closed

I don't know when I'll open for any of these.
What I'll offer and what prices they will vary.


Other places you can find me in:

Last week's adoptable will be up later today! Vatican Fallen Angel will be next, but after that what should the next character adoptable be? 

35 deviants said retired demon hunter who carries a blessed shotgun and his loyal hellhound
21 deviants said pastel goth witch who's partially zombie'd and flies on a vintage vespa
20 deviants said draconic gargoyle knight who fends of evil souls with a divine shield



Note: please do not commission me if you are in need of a quick commission or it's due at a specific date. 


Drawn at 300dpi in a 20x20 inch canvas. When sketched, a preview is shown to the commissioner for any corrections. 
Everyone is given the full and cropped version of the lineart. You may ask or tweak how you would like the crop to look like.
Tweaks are free in this stage. When the lines are done they are resized and positioned into a 8.5x11 inch canvas for coloring. 
Once colored, I'll ask for a $5 to $15 or higher depending on the piece or the amount work the change requires or details you might add.
You may suggest what pose, theme, decor and/or any amount of specific details it should have along with how your character should act/pose!
The finished image will be linked from a storage box like or attached and sent via email as a jpeg file at 300dpi.

These are estimated prices. They may change due to your request! 
You may request your commission to stay private, that I livestream or record a video of the process.

Please read my Terms of Service.


LINES - 35 usd

Busts Linearts by paexiedust

SIMPLE - 75 usd

Simple Finish by paexiedust

DETAILED - 100 usd

Detailed by paexiedust

HIGH DETAIL - 155 usd

Background Finish by paexiedust

You may also create an estimate by adding 35 (lineart starting price) or add more with the following:

One Color by paexiedust Fullcolor by paexiedust Couples by paexiedust 
Embellish by paexiedust Flowers by paexiedust Scenery by paexiedust


milliemunchers - 2 - [PAID] - WAITING COLORS -
Lambstooth - [PAID] - COLORING -
Manojalpa - 5 - [PAID] - LINEART IN PROCESS -
anne nguyen - [PAID] - WAITING COLORS -
neko-mitsurugi - [PAID] - LINEART IN PROCESS -
painted-bees - [PAID] - LINEART IN PROCESS -
SA1B0T - 3 - [PAID]
peacecrafting - 2 - [PAID]
Hawksigh - [PAID]
The-Purple-Room - [PAID]
Bittersaur - [PAID]
Fictionalistic - 2 - [PAID]
Kitsooki - [PAID]
PreciseMoon - [PAID]
vitamango - [PAID]
LunarEden - [PAID]
@DevKimikiko - [PAID]
Pudingi - [PAID]
manabreakfast - [PAID]
Artieda - [PAID]

Notes and FAQ

Can I ask for an exact estimate even though your not taking commissions right now?
Sure thing! Send me an email or a note and I'll answer your questions.

Can I use this art commercially and what royalty fees do you offer?
You need to state what exactly you plan to do with it. Fees may change depending on what it's for.
It's usually between 200 to 500 usd! But personal use (icons, web display, personal decor) is free!

Can I request these to be nsfw?
You have to be a legal adult to be able to order, but yes, you can.

Can I commission you for fanart?
Of course you can!

Can I commission real people or for a character's likeness?
I'm not super confident in my ability to draw portraits of real people, but I can try.
There might be a higher price if you want me to capture their likeness, though.

Can you draw mecha, robots, complex machinery and vehicles?
Yes! It's not my forte, but with good reference I can draw a mechanical character and/or machines.

Are you able to draw really young characters?
I have to admit that this is my weakest point, but I don't shy away from the offer!

I'm extremely particular about how people draw this character. Can I redline?
Yes, you can! I enjoy characters that have specific features.

Do you mind making many changes during the process?
The first few and the honest mistakes are free! I do charge for changes. 
So if you are ok with paying for it, I'd be more than happy to comply.

You may request backlighting and/or sparkles at no extra charge.
One color - monochromatic painting, you can request a specific color, too!
Full color - the normal painting treatment is given, but it could also be changed to a specific palette.
Couples - they are drawn in double the size of the canvas or in the same space or according to your preference.
Flowers - you can choose something specific or leave it to my choice. You can request up to 3 different flowers.
Embellish - lots of line and color detail is given to the subject, clothes with many studs, embroidery or extravagant accessories for example.
Scenery - relatively small space to show, but you may choose this instead of leaving the character in a nondescript space. Includes space and clouds.

Any other questions please note or comment! I'll add them here if it's an important detail I missed.


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sinigangsagabi Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Professional General Artist
Help me...i fell

for your art.


i found you on youtube just now, was looking at art tutorials and yours is just S T U N N I N G!!! 
paexiedust Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016
thank you~
I'm so confused why I stopped watchin u???? Da must have struck again omg I'm so sorry
paexiedust Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016
No worries! I wondered the same thing?? I thought I was, but I was just seeing your stuff through other peeps favorites and trade/gift art so I never wondered if I had you on my list lmao
RabidRats Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your style is incredible and very tasteful I really enjoy all your work and can't wait to see more!!
paexiedust Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016
thank you!
Josukespimphand Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Student General Artist
ahhh I JUST WANTED TO STOP BY AND TELL YA THAT I LOVE YOUR ART SM! I've been following your twitter for a while now after I saw those beautiful koichi's and your painting style is so lovely like it nourishes my eyesight Drama Queen Dolphin ! I just found your other media but I was already following your tumblr too lol sorry! I loved your piece for Kotteri's jojo fanbook like you chose a blue palette too and its so smooth! You're also funny as heck like I die at your gifs and your commentary for your videos lol! Omg, t-thanks for following me, you aint even have too ;3;
paexiedust Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016
AAHHHHHH THANK YOu!! I actually laughed a whole lot when I saw your piece WE CHOSE A SIMILAR PALETTE AND YOURS IS SO LIVELY AND NICE???? HOHOHO
Im actually really mad i never followed you back before??? Like, I actually seen your work but I never followed back and i was all like 3:< gotta fix dat
Your style is so nice~ I wanna get back into drawing jjba a whole lot because of it uvu/<3
Josukespimphand Featured By Owner Edited Sep 8, 2016  Student General Artist
LMFAO! I DID THE SAME ACTUALLY! I made my mom look at the book with me and once we got to the guest artist pages, we were both like, "eyyyy Blue!?" I laughed so much lol. I WAS ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT USING ANOTHER COLOR BUT BLUE JUST HAPPENED lol! I was so indecisive about this piece while drawing it haha!!!! I-I'M LIKE SO GLAD THAT YOU LIKED ME PIECE THOUGH!!! I can't believe I was even able to be apart of this book in the first place because Holy shit!? I love yours and Ren's art sm so seeing you two as the other two guest artists was like wow, of course!!!!!! You two, along with Kotteri, are like masters to me lmfao. OHHH It's okay, omg! You didn't even have to follow me back, but I literally jumped when I saw that you did >///<. This means a lot coming from you WWE - Shocked/Wow  ! Ahh all I draw is jojo and idk if its a bad thing because I cannot escape the temptation lol. I hope that we can post our pieces from the book soon because I kinda wanna haha.
paexiedust Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
YEAH It was a good choice hehe I'll be posting my piece in a bit here~
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